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HD Video Converter is an AVCHD Converter to convert quicktime movies to AVCHD format and burn QuickTime movies to DVD disc. HD Video Converter is an AVCHD Converter to convert quicktime movies to AVCHD format and burn QuickTime movies to DVD disc.
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HD Video Converter

This version is for Windows™. If you are using Apple Mac OS X, please click here.

Revolver HD Video Converter is a powerful AVCHD video converter and AVCHD DVD burner designed especially to convert QuickTime Movies to AVCHD video format such as MTS, M2TS AVCHD formats. It is a HD DVD burner to burn QuickTime movies to DVD disc, burn high definitation DVD and then display your own edited HD movies, on a HD TV, using a compatible Blu-ray disc or other Blu-ray or HD device.  

Revolver HD Video Converter could convert quicktime video files exproted from Quicktime Export vary between iMovie08, iMovieHD and Final Cut to AVCHD, convert video to MTS, convert video to M2TS for PS3, HD cameras and HD camcorders.

Revolver HD Video Converter could also be usedd as an AVC HD DVD Burner (Futhure Plan), burn quicktime movies to DVD, burn popular video formats to high definition DVD disc, etc. The feature of Blueray DVD Burner to burn MPG to Blueray DVD will be supported soon.

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Version information of HD Video Converter
Latest Version: 5.0.8
Fullsize: 21.95M
Publisher: 4Videosoft Studio
  • Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Business, Enterprise or Ultimate, Windows 7

  • Intel Pentium® 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core™ Duo (or compatible) processor; 512 MB RAM or better; More than 30 MB free hard disk space
  • 800x600 or higher Resolution, 16 bit or higher Graphic card

License Type: Free to try, $35.00 to buy.
Trial Limitation: convert only half of the file
HD Video Converter formats supported
  • Input Video:
    Standard video formats, QuickTime video formats, etc.
  • Output Video:
    HD, AVC HD, MTS, M2TS format, DVD disc
Key Features of Revolver HD Video Converter
  • Use as AVCHD Video Creation tool
    Easy operating interface, convert standard video formats to AVCHD movie files, MTS format
  • Convert standard video formats to AVCHD M2TS video files
  • Split the audio and video tracks of HD camera and HD camcorder video files
  • Transcode and combine the audio and video tracks
  • Burn QuickTime movies to DVD disc
Notes of Revolver HD Video Converter
  • What does RevolverHD do?
    Revolver HD Video Converter does two things. Firstly, it converts your iMovie08 movie into AVCHD. AVCHD is the video format used on your AVCHD video camera and Blu-ray players.
    Next, Revolver HD Video Converter can burn a DVD data disk. Note that these are simple DVDs which you can easily burn yourself. These DVDs will not play on Blu-ray players, but will be recognised by the PlayStation3.
    In addition to burning Data DVDs, Revolver HD Video Converter can also export your converted AVCHD files to a nominated folder. This is handy for the PlayStation3, as it can read AVCHD clips from a USB memory stick.

  • Why can't RevolverHD DVDs be played on other Blu-ray players?

    Revolver HD Video Converter creates simple data DVDs at the moment.
    We are currently working on an upgrade which will allow RevolverHD to burn Blu-ray compatible DVDs.

    Try Revolver HD Video Converter to evaluate now to convert quicktime video files to AVCHD formats and burn Quicktime files to DVD disc!

    This version is forWindows™ . If you are using Apple Mac OS X, please click here to try Revolver HD Video Converter for Mac.

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